Brutally Attacked, Suicidal, Fired, Humiliated, and Killed:This Is The Gay Trump Card?

See Update Below

Not long ago this morning @Karoli tweeted this: “I have supported gay rights steadfastly but I’m getting sick of the presumption that they trump everything else.” @Karoli is certainly correct that gay, lesbian, and gender identity make up a lot of the news lately, what with five high profile suicides by tormented gay teens––barely teens in some cases, as well as the kidnapping, blackmailing, and brutalization of several New York men. And Don’t-ask-Don’t-tell is occupying quite a bit of time. Are the days and hours of focus on this policy, still in place despite being roundly criticized by both a majority of citizens and their politicians, too much for @Karoli after 17 years of the unfairest of treatment, including firings, of our military’s gay men and women? @GGreenwald responded to you: “Dear Gays: Pipe down, quit your whining, accept your inequality, learn your place, and stop jeopardizing our election.” UPDATE @Karoli posted an apology on her blog, it’s a good and sincere apology, and Cultured Anarchy is grateful and considers the matter happily resolved. All of us on line can use reminding now and again to wait for frustrations to ebb before we hit send, so thanks.


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