Dialer for Dollars Dials Back Time

By DuncanRhys C. Liancourt

––Politerati Coincidence? Virginia Thomas call to Anita Hill came on day of A1 NYT story about her activism Anita Hill’s former attorney, Harvard law professor Charles Ogletree, said that Virginia Thomas’ decision to call to Hill on Oct. 9 and ask for an apology was inexplicable.

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NPR’s Nina Totenberg on Ginny Thomas: “she must have been sitting there stewing -like the letter you write but don’t send except she sent it.”



Is this Patty Fogbaum?

Yes, this is she, who’s calling?

Like you don’t know! Whose Contract with America Barbie did you cut all the hair off?

Annie? Annie Newt?

YES! Annie Newt, and you’re the terrorist who shaved my Contract with America Barbie so she looks like a monk or gay fitness instructor!

That was 1995, when we were seven, and I only trimmed her hair because you wished she looked like Laura Bush. I wanted to surprise you.

Oh, you surprised me all right! I should have listened to my brother––he knew what kind of pervert you were.

You mean Danny, your older half brother, the one in prison?

He was framed! He never did what they said to that woman’s cat. And anyway, she was unmarried and pregnant. That means she’s immoral and you can’t believe anything she says. Danny had an eye for perverts: he knew that whore neighbor was a pervert and he knew you were too. You have to apologize! When he saw Barbie with her horrible short hair last week he remembered you and…

What do you mean he saw the Barbie last week? You still have it?

Don’t try distracting me with your pervert voodoo! Danny remembered that you had your Barbies living together and your Kens living together instead of Barbie living with Ken, and also that you had Bill Clinton bumper stickers on your cars, and that you refused to have a Christmas tree. He said you Fogbaums were heathens, and that you cut Barbie’s hair so she would be a modern woman who has babies without fathers and is Godless and would turn America into Sweden where all the women work and all children are raised by male nannies.

Wow, Annie, don’t you think you should let this go? Didn’t I hear that you were going to college to study genetics? You wanted to study Neanderthals. Remember that fossil kit I gave you for your birthd––

Gawd! You’re still a pervert and stupid and a liar! The Earth is only 6000 years old and God made men just like they are so there were no Neanderthals only perverts who died out and YOU HAVE TO SAY YOU’RE SORRY FOR CUTTING CONTRACT WITH AMERICA BARBIE’S HAIR 15 YEARS AGO!!

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  1. laura says:

    Clearly, this topic still comes up for “discussion” around the Thomas household.

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