A Resurgent Monster Threatens: Can You Identify It?

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5 Responses to “A Resurgent Monster Threatens: Can You Identify It?”
  1. They’re watering and playing music to a monolith, bringing it back to life. The monolith is fear, racist views, fear of other. We all thought that fight was over. We thought it ended with McCarthy, with Jim Crow, rabid homophobia of the days of Stonewall, fear of women.

    Whatever is coming down the monolithic structure, it is bringing something back to life– some colors of red in the picture amidst the yellow/gold, usually symbols of life, fertility. Anyway, “clouds’ illusions” (homage to Judy Collins) are pierced, penetrated by the arrow of ignorance, big money. Watered and sung to by big corporate money. Our addiction to simplistic views, easy answers, status quo, monolithic views lives. We drink more and more. Too many vampire images linger in my head,
    Lucy Magnus

  2. Julia Groos says:

    red wine, red flowers, red feet? The monastery of self – restriction/limitation/restraint. Hmm …First thing that came to mind was:
    “The real threats to human survival are continuing ignorance, indifference and greed”.

    I’m curious what is going on in that cloud. The guy looks like he is struggling to stay up on the pedestal or did he get pinned up there? – Is his “head in the clouds” or does the cloud symbolize the problems he has to fight? Whatever it is the 3 monks aka the “brotherhood” seem indifferent and too content or ignorant, only one is mildly interested or curious (maybe he hears something the others can’t). It must be some kind of music, doesn’t the wine drinker look like he is tapping his foot or he is just relaxing after a mild work out jumping rope?

    I have no idea – and I’m getting carried away.

  3. Alex says:

    At first blush, my guess is that it’s a ‘deity is dead’/’head in the sand’/’fiddle while Rome burns’/’Barbarians at the gates’ image. The overseer/watcher has been slain/is in a fight/is preoccupied, and the aesthetes continue with their pleasant diversions.

    No understanding of the text, so, as with Meg, probably way off base.

  4. Laura says:

    It’s a penis! It’s a penis!

    …and it’s pierced 🙂

  5. Meg says:

    I don’t speak German, but I managed to figure out the first few words… and then Joerg helped me with the giant term at the end (well, he got me on the right path, since he said the actual translation depended on context.)

    Roughly? “The cloister of self-chastisement/control/restraint”

    But in all honesty, when I first looked at it, I thought two things: 1. the stuff going on in the cloud is vaguely wild, since it gets more color than the rest of the image and needs to be obscured and 2. the folks on the ground are trying really hard not to notice it, save for the one looking up.

    I’m getting it wrong, I know — there’s some sort of major theme. I’ll continue to ponder. 🙂

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