Wink Wink Leaks

By DuncanRhys C. Liancourt

––From International Business Times November 29, 2010:

“Ahmadinejad claims Wikileaks data ‘released’ by US, not


“Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed that the documents published by whistle-blower website Wikileaks were released intentionally by the U.S. administration. In an interview to the state-run Press TV Ahmadinejad maintained that the documents would not impact the country’s relations with other Arab governments.

‘Let me first correct you. The material was not leaked, but rather released in an organized way,’ the Iranian President said on Monday.

He added that the leaks were not worth commenting upon and that no one would waste their time reviewing them. Ahmadinejad also stated that the United States aimed the release at pursuing political goals.”

The Iranian president seems to be giving the US government a lot of credit. After all, as Michael Hirschorn’s tweet in response to Ahmadinejad’s claim––“if only we were that smart”––suggests, neither Americans nor Iranian officials are usually so quick to credit our government with the orchestration skills of great symphonic conductors. Should Americans take this a compliment, and as a sign that the famously truculent Ahmadinejad is developing a soft spot for us? Before you decide you had better read his latest comments on the subject, assembled below.

Ahmadinejad says:

The dirty-sounding name Wikileaks is an American plot to undermine the purity of the thoughts allowed to Iranian citizens by their government’s morality police.

US orchestrated Wikileaks to grab attention from Iran’s own soon to be released Nukeyleaks.

How dare the US resort to personal attacks by starting the rumor that he has a premature ejaculation problem with their Dickileak?

America has a history of faking leaks of documents to undermine others; just look at what they did to Christine O’Donnell with Witchyleaks.

The US is shameless, uses fake leaks even within its own government, like when Republicans convinced Americans that Democrats would never stand up to them with release of Wimpyleaks.

American CIA/FBI responsible for his being tall-challenged; has evidence that they gave him anti-growth hormone in the womb. Not sure yet what they gave him to cause the beady eyes, but swears he will find out as soon as he is done proving that the Obama administration caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

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