Act Like A Lady Tonight

To the tune of “Luck Be A Lady” Based on this news:

Allen West tirade: Wasserman Schultz ‘vile…despicable…not a Lady’

Florida GOP Congressman Allen West this afternoon dispatched a scathing personal email to Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, calling her “vile, unprofessional ,and despicable,” “a coward,” “characterless,” and “not a Lady,” and demanding that she “shut the heck up.”

From Ben Smith at Politico:

You can listen to a modest recording:


He said, “shut the heck up”

When you expressed your doubt

Tea Party’s “Cut, Cap, and Balance could be the way

To get us out

You spoke on policy

Of people being crushed

Yet while the country struggles to recover

He fumes in disgust

He pines for “Lady” manners

Hates not to get his way

Were you a man no doubt he’d call you gay

Act like a lady tonight

Act like a lady tonight

Girls, they only like you when you’re easy to live with

Act like a lady tonight

She named you gentlemanly

You replied soph’morically:

‘You’re not the kind of lady that I like to deal with

You’ll get no respect from me!’

A lady who is wife or escort

She does her hair, she smells real nice

A lady with some spunk who takes over the room

She blows cold air over their dice

She kept the party polite

He wants her out of his sight

He thinks it’s his place to tell women that he works with

Act like a lady tonight

A lady never doubts her betters

She bakes a tart, she fetches ice

A lady doesn’t opine all over the room

‘Cause that makes them fear for their dice

She kept the party polite

She makes his dice get uptight

He thinks it’s his place to tell women that he works with

Act like a lady

Let’s all be ladies

Act like a lady tonight!

4 Responses to “Act Like A Lady Tonight”
  1. Tamara K says:

    Great song re-do, and great video response….thanks 😉

  2. Clare Keller says:

    I’ve got two cats; Castor and Polluxremind me daily of my limits! Clare

  3. Clare, this is the perfect main event to my opening act. Brava, you venomous harridan: get a kitten!

  4. Clare Keller says:

    Just before I opened your “advice column” I had viewed the following, sent by a friend in California who never hesitates to opine all over the place. Her son had sent it to her. Here is a perfect example of synchronicity. I think after this submission, I’d better shut my mouth for the rest of the evening.

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