The Twelve Wars of Christmas

On the first war of Christmas, the right wing promised me… A future fully tax-free.   On the second war of Christmas, the right wing promised me… 2 all white clubs And a future fully tax-free.   On the third war of Christmas, the right wing promised me… 3 judges’ heads 2 all white clubs … Continue reading

Special Effects Christmas Wrapping

Wrap your gift in a trained octopus. The military has these mischievous mollusks doing all kind of crazy shit so there must be a few special-ops dropouts available on-line. To get that special holiday glimmer look for blue-ringed octopi––when they’re agitated their maculae pulsate, which sounds pretty. Oh, and bonus––they are the third most venomous … Continue reading

Small Man Gone: Joe Manchin Wassails While Wronged-Warriors Wrestle

By DuncanRhys C. Liancourt From FireDogLake’s Chuckie Corra (and available from nearly all news sources): “Joe Manchin is an epic disappointment already.  He was the only Democratic senator to vote no on a DADT repeal earlier in the month, and then refused to even show his face for the vote on Saturday for the DREAM … Continue reading

Rightist Christmas List

You will have observed by now, dear appreciated reader, that satire is one of Cultured Anarchy’s most cherished tools. Sometimes it is the only tool at our humble disposal that seems up to the task. Such is the case with the piece you are, I hope about to read. Should you wish to see the–shall … Continue reading

I’ll Be Home For Christmas, Damn It

By DuncanRhys C. Liancourt [Sing it to the original tune by Buck Ram, Kim Gannon, and Walter Kent] The Dream Act is dead thank the lord Publicly like I usually do And although there remain bills left to kill I promise you   I’ll be home for Christmas Down and outs bite me Hope you … Continue reading

Santa cancels Christmas over WishyLeaks

By DuncanRhys C. Liancourt ––The Pope’s OK of condoms for male prostitutes has his North Pole workshop in overtime on their three top Wish List brands: Kringle’s Skinz–feel that unprotected tingle, in safety, with Kringle; Stocking Stuffers–stuff your gift in our stocking before you get jolly with Holly; and Polex–with Polex brand your pole will … Continue reading