Project Gunway: Republican Presidential Candidates Walk the Bloody Carpet

Good evening and welcome, Adam’s non-evolved sons and daughters, to “Bloody Carpet 2012”, Project Gunway’s first presidential candidate fashion show and fundraiser. Before we start, I want to assure you that no tax dollars are being spent to bring you this blessed event. Our tent, security, all the refreshments, and even our runway’s one-of-a-kind bloody … Continue reading

PrecogNews: Headlines from November 3rd 2012

By DuncanRhys C. Liancourt ––Tomorrow is Election Day in the three states that vote for president––Florida, Iowa, and Ohio––and though Obama is polling well in all three he faces a tough challenge once the averaged Electoral College and popular votes are sent to the Supreme Court. The Roberts court ruling in Holder vs. DeMint making … Continue reading

Pack your Kevlar: Utah is for State Gun Lovers

By DuncanRhys C. Liancourt   ––Utah, which flag includes its state flower the Sego Lily––a symbol of peace––has designated a semiautomatic pistol, the Browning M1911, as its state gun, making the beehive state the first state to symbolize itself with any kind of killing device. Is this an effort to confound future symbologists who must, … Continue reading