Apps That Help You Avoid Shit

If you want to skip the “bad parts of town” without taxing your street smarts Microsoft will soon have the app for you. What has been dubbed their ‘Avoid Ghetto’ GPS App will mine local violent crime statistics to keep you from even glimpsing an undesirable corner or person, or the other people or businesses … Continue reading

Jeeves, Alfred, Benson… : The Evolution of the Personal Valet

“Siri, what time is it?” The time is 10:51 am. Do you ask because your mortality weighs heavily? “No, I…does my wha…how… I’m sorry, I can’t help you when you do not speak coherently. Perhaps you are experiencing a cardiac event. Shall I call emergency services? “No. Just set a reminder.” OK. Just tell me … Continue reading

10 Reasons to Get a New 2010 Apple/AT&T Phone for 2011

By DuncanRhys C. Liancourt ––1. You would rather drop calls than balls, with or without a Snooki (whatever that is). 2. Unable to afford air travel thus missing out on full body scans you fear you will not reach your recommended daily dose of radiation. 3. The new app that, while calling out names from … Continue reading