Endeavor Not To Mangle Your Friend’s Car

By DuncanRhys C. Liancourt Endeavor not to mangle your friend’s car, Because to you both it will bring much fuss; Keep it safe from your gate’s treacherous bar.   Though you’ve parked here without making a scar, There may be dangers that you fail to suss; Endeavor not to mangle your friend’s car.   Fret … Continue reading

Cider Braised Paprika Lamb

By DuncanRhys C. Liancourt ––This is the first stanza of Frank O’Hara’s “The Hunter:” He set out and kept hunting / and hunting. Where, he thought / and thought, is the real chamois? / and can I kill it where it is? / He had brought with him only a dish / of pears. The autumn … Continue reading

Lament not, Eve, but Patiently Resign

Lament not, Eve, but patiently resign[1] By DuncanRhys C. Liancourt ––An unmarried woman who’s sleeping with her boyfriend––she shouldn’t be in the classroom, said Jim DeMint as reported by the Spartanburg Herald-Journal. What of the men? DeMint is silent on the sexual conduct of his own gender. Terry O’Neill is succinct about the meaning of … Continue reading

Authentic Anxiety

By DuncanRhys C. Liancourt ––I have been anxious lately that I have not been deviant enough. I am trying to deviate, you see, from my artistic predecessors. Harold Bloom, in The Anxiety of Influence, tells me that I must do so in order to create my own original work. I agree with him and I … Continue reading