“Anything You Can Do”

By DuncanRhys C. Liancourt ––Cheating on one’s lover by having sex with an employee’s lover then funneling funds to that employee and giving a child they produced a job to keep everyone quiet sounds like fun I know, but it’s just can’t compare to this: committing adultery by cheating on your wife by having sex … Continue reading

A Page from ‘the Homosexual Agenda’

By DuncanRhys C. Liancourt   7:00 am – Very funny. 9:30 am – “Excuse me, dude, wake-up; that’s it, stud, wake-up. Yes, good morning to you too, Tom––right, Gary, whatever. You’ve got to go, I have a busy day. No, I don’t want to cuddle, Jesus. I can’t believe I let you stay just because … Continue reading

Relig-otician Roy Moore For Prophident 2012: Or, When a Burning Bush Speaks You’d Better Make Tablets

By DuncanRhys C. Liancourt ––Hallelujah! There is a chance this country can be saved now that Roy Moore (hallowed be his name) is considering the presidency. I say “considering the presidency” rather than “thinking about running for the Republican nomination” because should a mortal as close to god as Roy Moore throw in his hat … Continue reading

Newtifications for your Indiscretions

By DuncanRhys C. Liancourt   ––Newt Gingrich suffers from patriolatry, the excessive devotion or worship of his native country, as he recently explained when asked about his history of adultery. “There’s no question at times of my life, partially driven by how passionately I felt about this country, that I worked far too hard and … Continue reading

Santa cancels Christmas over WishyLeaks

By DuncanRhys C. Liancourt ––The Pope’s OK of condoms for male prostitutes has his North Pole workshop in overtime on their three top Wish List brands: Kringle’s Skinz–feel that unprotected tingle, in safety, with Kringle; Stocking Stuffers–stuff your gift in our stocking before you get jolly with Holly; and Polex–with Polex brand your pole will … Continue reading

Do Fat People Dream?

By DuncanRhys C. Liancourt ––Near the end of a Marie Claire blog entry––Should “Fatties” Get a Room? (Even on TV?)––for which she has reaped bushels of criticism, Maura Kelly seems suddenly to recollect that her editor asked her to write about “overweight people making out on television”, and that she is ostensibly writing about a … Continue reading

Lament not, Eve, but Patiently Resign

Lament not, Eve, but patiently resign[1] By DuncanRhys C. Liancourt ––An unmarried woman who’s sleeping with her boyfriend––she shouldn’t be in the classroom, said Jim DeMint as reported by the Spartanburg Herald-Journal. What of the men? DeMint is silent on the sexual conduct of his own gender. Terry O’Neill is succinct about the meaning of … Continue reading

DeMint de Man in Man’s World

By DuncanRhys C. Liancourt ––Man us men are lucky to have a man’s man like Jim DeMint in the Senate. He’s a man of action who wants to “take our country back,” as Lynne P. Shackleford quotes him in the goupstate.com Spartanburg church rally piece. Good for him, none of this negotiating, touchy-feely, listening to … Continue reading