Your Dark Side may be a Vampire; so may Your Light Side

By DuncanRhys C. Liancourt ––What is a Vampire? If you think you know, even if you think there is an answer, you are likely guilty of absurd reductionism. Shall we instead try to derive a general principle from the particular examples, ignore Sherlock Holmes and apply induction? When we look at specific vampires we find … Continue reading

American Sport: Straight and Narrow, but are there any Real Men?

By DuncanRhys C. Liancourt. ––There seems to be broad agreement that the most important, and lasting thing to come out of Jim Joyce’s bad call unperfecting Armando Galarraga’s perfect game––for baseball, for sport in general, and for the men themselves––is a perfect example of sportsmanship, sportsmanship defined by honesty, integrity, grace, and the humanity of … Continue reading