Bourbon-Peach-Barbecue Chicken, Baby

Sometimes I think to myself, “Hmm, it’s been too long since I’ve had the bourbon out.” Wait, that’s not me, that’s some sad, priority and taste challenged individual I imagined. While I admit that I cannot give every distillation in my wee collection of scotches, bourbons, and ryes equal attention, I endeavor to be a … Continue reading

Project Gunway: Republican Presidential Candidates Walk the Bloody Carpet

Good evening and welcome, Adam’s non-evolved sons and daughters, to “Bloody Carpet 2012”, Project Gunway’s first presidential candidate fashion show and fundraiser. Before we start, I want to assure you that no tax dollars are being spent to bring you this blessed event. Our tent, security, all the refreshments, and even our runway’s one-of-a-kind bloody … Continue reading

The Unexpected Guest

Six of us, guests of the friend hosting the dinner party, were playfully jostling for seats at the table when our jovial cacophony was hushed by a rapping at the door.  The door was located such that when our host opened it all could see the, as it were, rapper. She said she was named … Continue reading